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For the second day in a row, Harry Kane has refused to train with his current club Tottenham, to push his transfer to Manchester City. Kane was due back in training after a short holiday for medical checks including COVID-19, ahead of the new season.

It’s said that Manchester City is the England Captains preferred choice of clubs, but Chelsea and Man United are also interested in signing Kane.

The 28-year-old’s absence hasn’t come as a shock to Tottenham, who were expecting Kane to be a no-show again, with Kane willingly taking on any backlash or fine which could now be headed his way.

Kane is planning to meet with Spurs management this week to discuss his stance on the matter and is expected to further push for his decision to go ahead and sign his transfer away from the club.

It’s been reported that, by Kane taking such a strong stance to leave, it has actually made Spurs chairman, Daniel Levy more determined to keep him and not let him go to another club.

For the last 12 months Kane has wanted out of Spurs, but put talks on hold while he helped lead England into the Euro 2020 final. Now he’s back pushing for a transfer just two weeks out from a new season which, if he is successful in a City move he could be facing Tottenham on the opposing side while wearing a City shirt.

This whole ordeal has got some Spurs fans understandably angry, taking to Twitter saying:

“If this is true Harry Kane should lose the England captaincy. The England captain should always be a role model for young players. And to not show up for training for the club that’s paying you! And you have a contract with is so disrespectful and unprofessional. Shame on Kane.”

“Just sell him,” another fan wrote.

“This has already dragged on long enough. Anyone that doesn’t want to play for Tottenham can go, no one is bigger than this club”.

When recently asked about their pre-season preparations, Tottenham said that “this absolutely changes nothing”, with new Spurs boss Nuno playing down the whole situation when asked about the Harry Kane transfer by simply saying “Harry is our player, period. No need to talk about anything else”.

But the question is, how much longer are we going to see Harry Kane in a Tottenham shirt?

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